About the project

The project FLAMINGO-MUSIC is a lovingly-designed, high-quality and funny edutainment series in which the flamingo accompanies children in their musical development from early childhood to school age (Print: 1,5+ | TV-Series: 2,5+ | App: 3+).

The whole project works without spoken language and is therefore distributable on an international scale.
In the interactive picture book – the starting point of the musical journey – the child can operate buttons for solo instruments itself. The TV Series lets the children experience music on an emotional scale, and the app complements the whole experience in a playful way, with an option to create music.
The look of the project has a unique haptic style created out of different fabrics with realistically designed musical instruments. The stop motion technique with its handmade feel and design perfectly complements current trends towards deceleration.
Music is a broad subject that offers narrative material for innumerable episodes.